The Next Election

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  1. The latest possible date of the next election is within 68 days from the expiry of the House. As the 46th Parliament first met on Tuesday 2 July , it is therefore due to expire on Friday 1 July T The election for the House of Representatives must therefore be held by 3 September , the last Saturday within this 68 day period.
  2. 13 hours ago · “I think too often Washington gets wrapped around the axle of the next election, as opposed to doing the right thing for the right reason for the people we all represent. Let’s look at the right policy and worry less about November 3rd than the general health and well-being of .
  3. The next US Presidential election. As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information. As gold prices hit all-time record highs this week, some market observers are wondering if the rally is sustainable. It is. Despite a slight pullback on Thursday, there is nothing to suggest that the bull.
  4. Aug 02,  · Members of the Civic Party at a news conference in Hong Kong on Thursday after 12 candidates were barred from running in the legislative election in September. The next day, the election .
  5. Spring Election and Presidential Preference Primary - April 7, Special Election for Congressional District 7 - May 12, Click the links above for more information about these elections, including which offices will be on the ballot, who is running, and how to run for office. Click here for official election .
  6. Nov 25,  · Here's a calendar of the election dates you'll want to know in the election cycle. Some of these dates are subject to change.
  7. Jul 26,  · The Next Election Is About the Next 10, Years. Dramatic climate action is critical because we’re about to cross tipping points that are not reversible. A home burns as the River Fire, part of the Mendocino Complex, moves through the area on July 31, in Lakeport, California.
  8. North Carolina: Trump vs. Biden CBS News/YouGov Biden 48, Trump 44 Biden +4 Georgia: Trump vs. Biden CBS News/YouGov Trump 45, Biden 46 Biden +1 North Carolina Senate - .

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